• Energy (Oil / Gas / Power)

    Energy (Oil / Gas / Power)

    ININCORP offers results and solutions to a broad range of clients in the energy industry in the Americas, Africa, Europe ,Asia and the Middle East.

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  • Telecomunications


    In the telecom consultancy, ININCORP provides services to carry out strategic and basic planning, feasibility studies, network design and architecture...

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  • Enviroment


    Environmental understands our clients' need for a balance between environmental and business objectives. Our services include management solutions for compliance, planning, and waste management issues for the natural and built surroundings.

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  • Transportation


    Transportation enhances the value of our clients' transportation infrastructure by providing planning and management services to a mix of outlets, specializing in roads, ports and airports.

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    Our portfolio of high-quality, long-life operations, together with our marketing model, ensures that we are able to provide customers with packages of products and services that meet their needs.

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  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    Water is life. ININCORP employees are caretakers of this natural resource and are privileged to provide our customers with high-quality water and other water-related services.

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  • Termonorte Power Project
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 90 MW
  • Northern Energy Project
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 1,200 MW
  • Kabul Power Project
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 30 MW
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 400 MW
  • Accro. Cryogenic Complex
    • Type: Oil and Gas
    • Description: 1.4 BCf’s per day. Gas Compression
    • Type: Oil ad Gas
    • Description: 2,000,000 B Fuel Storage
    • Type: LNG
    • Description: 170,000 cubic meters FSRU 
    • Type: Oil and Gas
    • Description: LNG Export Facility
  • Drummond Power Project
    • Type: Power
    • Description: P 75 MW
  • INDUPARK. Industrial Park and Free Zone
    • Type: Logistics
    • Description:  First Fuels and Power Free Zone in South America
  • COLCCO Coal Mine
    • Type: Mining
    • Description: 360,000 Tons per year. Thermal Coal
  • Electroquil Power Project. Ecuador
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 42 MW
  • Termoflores Genco
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 400 MW. Gas Fired Power Project
  • Clinical General del Caribe Hospital
    • Type: Medical
    • Description: 200 Bed Hospital
  • WEIRTON Power Project
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 32 MW. CHP
  • Central Costanera
    • Type: Power
    • Description: 1,200 MW
  • Colombia-Ecuador Interconnection Line TL
    • Type: Transmission Lies
    • Description: 230 kV, 150 Miles Electric Interconnection
  • Cerrejon Railroad 
    • Type: Transportation
    • Description: 200 Miles
  • Martagua
    • Type: Water
    • Description: 150,000 cubic meters per day desalination plant