ININCORP engages in numerous activities that create opportunities for business relationships with third parties. Many of these opportunities involve procurement of products and services from qualified vendors. Please explore the following links for current opportunities.

ININCORP Investments

ININCORP will consider equity capital investments in startup and ongoing businesses ventures offering products and/or services related to the utility industry. ININCORP may invest on a standalone basis, in connection with its sister companies (such as Finamerica Financial) or in connection with other strategic partners. To submit a business plan or idea for consideration, please contact us at jmc@inincorp.com.


ININCORP routinely utilizes consultants to supplement its staff and to provide specialized expertise for projects where such expertise is not available in-house. To provide us with information about your consulting service offerings, please contact us at jmc@inincorp.com.


ININCORP is currently seeking to form one or more relationships with competitive telecommunications companies to provide voice, data and video communications services in select locations in Texas. If you are are interested in exploring this new market opportunity, please contact us for more information at jmc@inincorp.com.


ININCORP has access to sites suitable for the development of electric power stations. These sites exist in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the Southeastern Electric Reliability Council (SERC), Southern subregion. The sites include access to natural gas and liquids pipelines, water supply, and electric transmission facilities (although ININ has not performed or requested transmission adequacy studies to determine the technical feasibility of interconnections). ININ seeks to form strategic relationships with qualified electric power plant developers interested in exploring the potential for these sites. For more information about these potential power station sites, contact us at jmc@inincorp.com.


ININCORP targets energy-intensive businesses in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing and hospitality industries. The on-site distributed generation model of ININ provides these businesses tangible monthly savings with no capital costs, while providing a financial hedge against the uncertainty of future rate hikes or supply outages.


ININCORP has access to a series of existing power generation facilities generating positive cash flow. ININCORP is seeking association with selected investment groups, insurance companies, and savings associations interested in getting involved in secured high yielding projects.

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