ININCORP Planning offers a comprehensive approach to planning and managing infrastructure for the private and public sectors, with a full range of architectural and engineering services.

We have developed innovative solutions for military, civilian, academic, and municipal clients around the world and employ experts in regional policy, enhancing host-country regulatory criteria.

ININCORP believes that sound market-oriented policies and effective and responsive public-sector performance are essential to economic growth and prosperity. To create the conditions for sustainable economic growth and for broad participation in its benefits, ININCORP  provides advisory and technical assistance to help developing countries:

  • Adopt and implement sound open-market economic policies;
  • Enhance social expenditure performance and public service provision;
  • Increase public-sector effectiveness and accountability.


  • Economic and Institutional Reform
  • Institutional building and strengthening
  • Knowledge management
  • Policy analysis
  • Public awareness and advocacy
  • Fiscal Performance and Strengthening
  • Budget reform
  • Decentralization
  • Municipal revenues
  • Policy reform
  • Systems design and development
  • Tax and customs administration
  • Transparency and anti-corruption
  • Trade Capacity and Competitiveness
  • Competition policy and export promotion
  • Global market intelligence and trade statistics
  • Small and medium enterprise development
  • Trade capacity building
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