Protecting people in an emergency and managing a crisis have always been priorities for corporations and government agencies. But in today’s high-risk environment, your existing plans may be insufficient.

Government agencies and corporations increasingly turn to ININCORP for the development and implementation of preemptive security strategies, crisis management and emergency response plans.

ININCORP works with clients to establish security management processes, command procedures, train employees, coordinate recovery efforts and keep operations running.


Crisis Planning – ININCORP develops customized plans, including clear definitions of roles and responsibilities, to help minimize the negative impact on all aspects of a client’s business on a worldwide scale.

Pre-Incident Services – ININCORP conducts security surveys, travel safety seminars, crisis simulation exercises and tests of policies and procedures, as well as providing vulnerability assessments and strategies to strengthen security measures for selected customers worldwide.

Incident-Response Services – ININCORP provides on-site incident management teams that remain with the client until the problem is resolved and plans are in motion for business and activities to be normalized.

Emergency Management Solutions: Our emergency management solutions include critical incident planning (CIP)and emergency response planning (ERP). We identify the underlying human factors that lead to the initiation of violent events in communities, schools, and industries and design and implement security planning and training solutions. In addition, we evaluate, organize, and train onsite teams to effectively respond to emergencies. By joining with you to improve employee readiness, we help you enhance safety by establishing an organized, company-wide response to a disruption.



  • Hazard analysis
  • Crisis management planning
  • Bioterrorism program assessments
  • Evacuation planning
  • All hazards planning


  • Exercise design, execution and analysis
  • Citizen training
  • Emergency operations and incident command
  • Evacuation drills


  • On-site emergency response coordination
  • Crisis communications
  • Physical damage assessments
  • Financial recovery
  • Debris management
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