The Social Sector Division uses state-of-the-art strategies to address social inequities in developing countries through support to donors and national governments and direct implementation of programs.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Basic education
  • Alternative education programs for at-risk children & youth

There is widespread recognition of the crucial role that education plays in the economy and in nation building. "In fact, a successful education policy forms the bedrock of all fields of national development - political, economic, technical, scientific, social, and environmental."

In spite of the political framework and "social interest" favoring purely public provision of education infrastructure and services, the realization has emerged that the private sector must be involved to a greater extent in education, both directly and through PPP frameworks. The investment climate is therefore very favorable and the regulatory framework is not too onerous.

There are significant contributions that can be made by private capital and management in the following segments:

  • Higher education
  • Technical and vocational education
  • ICT, distance education and open learning
  • Ancillary services, including content provision and contract services
  • Student financing (demand side)
  • Early childhood care and learning
  • Primary and secondary school education
  • Building of knowledge infrastructure

ININCORP and Education in Third World Countries

ININ intends to identify and develop social infrastructure in education, in a manner that would have a significant developmental impact, while being commercially viable.

The opportunity for ININCORP is to enable public - private partnerships by leveraging the extensive education infrastructure that exists in the government sector, through select private initiatives and joint ventures, rather than merely adding to existing basic infrastructure for education.

Additionally, ININCORP desires to support private initiatives focused on future trends for education in third world countries, as well as relevant Greenfield projects.

ININ also seeks to leverage its understanding of the policy and regulatory frameworks, project financing, R&D and technology options, and social and cultural issues to create opportunities for bankable education projects.

Therefore, ININCORP intends to identify, secure and consolidate advisory mandates and funding opportunities in various education segments as given in this presentation.

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