ININCORP Engineering works with clients to protect their built investments with complete facility asset management and design services. We understand that facility owners and managers must find ways to plan for new construction-whether it is one building or an entire community.

ININCORP provides professional services in engineering, consulting, construction support, troubleshooting, repair recommendations, technical documentation, and training.

Our experience covers a broad range of industries including power, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, commercial buildings, and manufacturing.


Energy. Economic and energy planning studies, energy auditing, demand forecasts, analysis and structuring of tariffs, technical economic and financial feasibility studies for energy projects and new generation technologies.

Electrical Engineering. System planning studies for electrical power utilities; studies, designs, and construction inspection for power generation systems, transmission and electrical energy distribution; optimization and re-configuration of electrical systems; electrical load management; studies of losses of energy in power systems; design of industrial facilities and illumination systems.

Mechanical Engineering. Evaluation and selection of hydraulic, electromechanical and steam turbines; evaluation and selection of electrical generators and physical Facility distribution.

Architecture and Civil Engineering. Architectural designs; design of foundations, design of metallic and concrete structures and design and construction inspection of roads, bridges, buildings and special structures.

Communications Engineering. Design of microwave networks; design of communication systems for control centers; private network design; inspection of layout and installation of optical fiber systems and telecommunication systems in general.

Basic Services. Geological and geo-technical studies, soils and material engineering, surveying and environmental impact studies.

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