ININCORP Consulting provides a broad spectrum of management consulting services for both public and private sector enterprises, ranging from developing sound strategies to aligning the organization with its objectives. We address the strategic questions that relate to the entire enterprise, or to multiple enterprises, such as public-private partnerships or metropolitan planning organizations.

Beyond strategy, the challenge of improving organizational performance while adapting to driving changes in the workforce, markets, customers, and technology, requires new management approaches, processes, and practices. ININCORP's management services provide our clients with state-of-the-art management approaches and tools to achieve measurable improvements in defining and reaching their goals, while conserving resources.

Business Process Improvement Services—We help organizations improve performance through systemic analysis of current and desired business processes. Our services help clients analyze processes with an eye toward minimizing nonvalue-added activities.

Contact Center Services—We help organizations strategize how contact centers can be positioned at the forefront to allow customers to access services and information anywhere, at any time, using any medium. Our services include consulting, technology integration, outsourcing, and training solutions.

Customer Relationship Management Services—We provide holistic, customer-driven strategies and approaches—based on best practices of commercial and federal entities—-to efficiently manage interactions and direct resources to meet the needs of demanding customers and valued channel partners.

Economic Competitiveness—We design market-oriented, demand-driven strategies for accelerating entrepreneurship and technological innovation to build competitive regional industry clusters, laying the groundwork for thriving city, provincial, and nationwide economies in North America and throughout the world.

Energy Strategic Planning and Implementation Services—We provide energy enterprises with strategic planning and related implementation services to help them define goals, manage risks, meet financial expectations, proactively manage environmental and regulatory challenges, and achieve competitive advantage and market leadership.

Knowledge Management and Group Productivity Programs—We help organizations convert knowledge, organizational learning, and information into the energy that fuels continuous reinvention of goods and services. We can provide knowledge management systems, group productivity tools, virtual teams, information management assessments, e-commerce applications, and information architecture assessment and development to help organizations manage information capital better.

Organizational Change Management Services—We offer managers and their organizations a systematic and practical approach to the strategic integration of organizational systems, stakeholders, and environment to improve performance and achieve outstanding results.

Performance Management Services—We provide a foundation for taking specific actions to become a high-performing organization by helping develop comprehensive assessment and measurement plans that identify, evaluate, and monitor program or capital investment costs, benefits, risks, and results against performance objectives.

Program Management Services—We provide program management consulting services across a spectrum of roles, from supporting a one-time diagnostic to full outsourcing. Our proven approach to the implementation of project management includes the application of best practice processes, techniques, and tools tailored to the client environment.

Technology and Operations Planning Services—ININCORP Consulting supports complex governmental activities in air traffic control, mail processing, defense equipment, and many other technology-based programs. The firm helps clients define requirements, select capital and R&D investments, plan and implement technology acquisition strategies, and seamlessly deploy new technologies.

Transportation Policy Services—We help develop and implement transportation policies at regional, national, and multinational levels through regulatory analysis and development, capacity building, policy process development, and support functions.

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